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Do I need to buy feedback with my e-learning course?
No, although most people prefer to include feedback to enjoy the benefits of personal one-to-one tutoring. You can of course just buy the e-learning course on its own to get all the essential theory and techniques with the inclusive Top Tips, checklists and quizzes to really check your understanding, and buy your feedback at a later stage.

How does the feedback work?
When you choose trainer feedback, we will ask you to email a piece of work to the trainer once you have completed your e-learning course. They will then review your piece, and provide constructive suggestions to help you improve your work, and ask you to revise the piece and submit it again for a second set of diagnostic comments and feedback. Having this expert feedback built into the course really maximises the benefits of your e-learning and means your course is totally tailored for you – it’s just like having your own personal tutor.

Who are the trainers?
You can learn about our lead trainers here, and ETC works with over 20 specialists to build and deliver our full range of training programmes and e-learning courses. Our team works with some of the world’s most exciting media organisations, and through e-learning this expert training is now available to a much wider audience at much lower cost.

Why are some of the prices different for each course?
That’s simply because some courses are longer than others and typically include more quizzes and feedback.

How do I pay?
You can choose to be invoiced for your e-learning course, or pay through PayPal. You will be given the choice when you go to Checkout.

What is the Enrolment Key?
Every time you purchase a course from us we will send you a unique Enrolment Key. Enter this just once to access your course. After that, if you want to return to the course at any time, just log in as normal and click the “Your Courses” button. (You will always be sent a brand new Enrolment Key for each course you have purchased.)

Are there any discounts on your e-learning courses?
Our e-learning courses already offer incredible value for money, especially when you include one-to-one trainer feedback, so we can only offer discounts if your organisation purchases a number of e-learning courses at the same time. You can buy one e-learning course for multiple users, at a reduced rate, or choose a number of different e-learning courses for a group of multiple users. Remember that you can also tailor an e-learning course to exactly meet your needs. If you want to learn more about these packages, please just let us know.

How do I choose the right course?
Please look through our e-learning library for details of the course to suit you. Or just call us, and we’d be delighted to discuss your specific needs with you.

As an experienced writer, what can I really learn?
Even we’re impressed at how much experienced writers can gain from our e-learning courses. They regularly tell us how useful it is to bring their skills and knowledge right up-to-date, have their existing skills refreshed, and, most importantly, identify the habits they’ve acquired that may be having a negative impact on their work. For these writers our e-learning courses are a training session, performance review and coaching session combined in one convenient package.

I can’t find the e-learning course to suit me
Are you sure? Please check our full library, and remember we’re adding new courses all the time. If you really want something specifically designed for you, then our tailored e-learning courses will deliver the results you want.

Before commencing your course, please ensure that pop-ups are enabled for your browser as follows:

Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8

Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings > add contentetc.com to your list of allowed sites.

Mozilla Firefox

Tools > Options > Content > add contentetc.com to your list of exceptions.


Edit > untick “block pop-up windows”.


Tools > Preferences > General > ensure “block-all pop-ups” is not selected.

Google Chrome

Tools (spanner) > Options > Under the Hood > ensure “notify me whe a pop-up is blocked” is ticked.


Tools > Options > Content > add contentetc.com to your list of exceptions.

Before commencing your course, please visit Adobe.com to download the latest version of Flash Player.

Downloading Files
Before commencing your course, please ensure that file downloading is enabled for your browser:

Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8

Tools > Security > Custom Level > Downloads > ensure “automatic prompting for file downloads” is enabled.

Why can’t I sometimes see all the text in my e-learning course?
You need to make sure you maximise your browser window when you start your e-learning course. For PC users, this means clicking on the maximise button in the top right hand corner of your screen. For Mac users, this means dragging the bottom right hand corner to maximise the screen to its largest possible size.

How do I find out more about the PPA Certificate programmes?
Please visit our pages, or email the PPA with your question.

What’s your Privacy Policy?
Please see our Privacy Policy.

What are your Terms and Conditions?
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