Writing skills – Elearning courses

Good writing takes aim at its reader and delivers on its promises. We show you how to pull in your target audience with everything you write, from the basics of grammar and punctuation to press release writing.

Our elearning writing courses have been developed by working journalists and professional writers, who provide the practical knowledge that you need to get your messages across. Each of the online courses outline the theory behind good writing, and include top tips, checklists, and quizzes to really check your understanding.

Our elearning writing skills courses are:

  • Effective writing - the tools you need to get your ideas across more clearly – no matter what you write
  • Proofreading - quicker, better and more effective proofreading
  • Top 20 grammar mistakes and how to fix them - speed up your writing and editing, and add clarity and understanding to everything you write
  • Sub-editing - a step-by-step guide for anyone who checks other people's copy
  • PR writing - press releases, emails, case studies and features, social media and more
  • Writing for the web - it’s not the same as print – find out why
  • Report writing - how to write any report that communicates what you want to communicate to your audiences

Coming soon:

  • Copywriting