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  • "I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the training given to me by the ETC team. I enrolled on my ...
  •   "Thank you for your lovely compliments, great advice and constructive feedback. I've not only...
  • "Thanks so much for the suggestions. It really made a difference. I've made changes based on your f...
  •   "I recently completed the 'Writing great features' course online. I found the course very in...
  •   "Thanks so much for your feedback, it really is so so valuable." ...
  •   "I thought it was an incredibly useful and insightful course. My knowledge and awareness have...
  •   "The trainer was excellent ....very useful and enjoyable." ...
  •   "Interactive and interesting." ...
  •   "I've just completed your online ContentETC module on review and test writing. It's definitel...
  •   "Thanks for going above and beyond with this. Really enjoyed getting the feedback and I recog...
  •   "Thank you very much for your feedback. You’re spoiling me! I have very much enjoyed doing...
  •   "Thanks for the fabulous course! Attached is my feature for your first round of approvals an...
  •   "Thank you! Your feedback has made me beam with delight! Thanks so much for such an informa...
  •   "Thanks for taking the time to go through my feature. It’s much appreciated. I found your...
  •   "First let me say that I really enjoyed the e-learning course on Review and test writing. It...
  •   "Many thanks for that Piers, I really enjoyed it and found it very useful." ...
  •   "Thanks for your help and direction, much appreciated." ...
  •   "You folks are brilliant at what you do over at ContentEtc! Thanks for the feedback and glad...
  •   "Thank you very much, it was very helpful to someone like me who did a writing course and nee...
  •   "Thanks for your feedback – I found both this and the online section to be very useful. I ...
  •   "Thanks for marking it. I found the course incredibly useful." ...
  •   "Thanks very much for your help and advice – you’ve provided an invaluable insight into t...
  •   "Thanks for getting back to me and for all your comments and advice throughout the course, re...
  •   "Thanks Margaret - I'm much more pleased with this now!  I really enjoyed the online course,...
  •   "Very easy. Intuitive, obvious, logical." ...
  •   "Everything was clear and easy to understand. And it had eye-catching graphics and all that."...
  •   "Overall, I thought it was very informative and surprisingly enjoyable." ...
  •   "The system was easy to use and dip in and out of. It's very useful to have summary checklist...
  •   "Both the news writing and the writing for the web courses were excellent." ...
  •   "I found the one-on-one approach very beneficial. Being able to complete the course at my own...
  •   "The sense of positive reinforcement was very welcome." ...
  •   "The exercises were cool." ...
  •   "I really enjoyed both courses and found the format a forum in which it was extremely easy to...
  •   "The course is logically laid out and the feedback is excellent." ...
  •   "Overall, the presentation and level of information I absorbed from the course was highly sat...
  •   "I found the course to be most instructive." ...
  •   "Excellent, very authoritative, yet friendly.  Understood the needs of journalists…" ...
  •   "Up to the usual high standard" ...
  •   "All of the feedback is incredibly positive." ...
  •   "We are always pleased with the reports we receive from people attending courses - everyone s...
  •   "An invaluable course.  Extremely useful particularly in terms of practical tasks, interview...
  •   "Inspiring, understanding and very knowledgeable. So far, excellent."   ...


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We help you make your content the best it can be

Whether  you're trying to get your message across in an email or a video; a report or feature article; a press release or an advertisement; we'll give you the skills to do it more effectively.

Our trainers are professional experts who share the techniques for best practice they have learned through years of experience.  As you’ll see from our client list, we work with large corporates, the world’s major media owners and leading public sector bodies, as well as smaller enterprises and learners.

Here are some of the training courses we can run for you.  Please CLICK THE ICON for more information on each one.

Training courses In-company training course E-learning course
Business, marketing and PR writing

Clear English - effective business writing
In-company training course logo
E-learning course logo
Report writing
Speech writing
Storytelling for brands
Top 10 tips for writing a great advertorial
Effective advertorials masterclass
Understanding data - the tools and techniques to find the stories from numbers
E-learning course
E-learning course
E-learning course
Press release and PR writing
Writing case studies
Writing an effective business case
Writing effective impact summaries
Copy writing - print and online
Social media
Writing better articles
Planning and proposal writing
Writing a newsletter
Writing effective forewords and introductions
Writing professional emails
Journalism skills

Introduction to writing for magazines and websites
Interviewing - Basic and Advanced
News writing - Basic and Advanced
Writing quality news that is exclusive and original
Feature writing - Basic and Advanced
Subbing - Basic and Advanced and Online
Rewriting - improving other people's copy
Introduction to reporting skills
Using research and digging to generate exclusive, original and quality content
Researching online
Review and test writing - Basic and Advanced
Journalism ethics
Understanding data - the tools and techniques to find the stories in numbers
Infographics - data visualisation
Financial reporting
Creating franchises
Introduction to customer publishing
Graduate journalism programme  
Incorporating digital into your work flow with minimum pain
Creating content for digital media

An introduction to digital media
Developing a content strategy
Crafting compelling content: getting readers and keeping them
Writing for the web - online writing and editing
Social media for brands
Re-purposing content for a digital world
Live blogging
Mobile first content strategy
Crafting content for Smartphones and Tablets
User Generated Content - UGC
Pod and vodcasting skills
Ebook publishing essentials: understanding the new landscape for digital publishers
Content marketing: moving beyond search
Copywriting for the web
Effective online recruitment copywriting
Making the transition from print to digital
Refining your content strategy - digital workshops for brands
Usability and the user experience for websites

Web analytics

Scriptwriting and presentation skills
Editing skills

News editing
Features editing
Getting the best from contributors
Creating pace through effective flatplanning
Evaluating and developing your brand
Eyecatchers - writing headlines, standfirst and captions
Section editing
Turning 1500 words into 500
How to get a publication or website out - and like it - process management
Column writing
Leader writing
Using the post-mortem as a competitive tool
Video camera and editing skills

Mobile phone camera videoing and editing
Video scriptwriting
Writing for video - information as story - video planning and preparation
Essential video camera skills for the web
Essential video editing
Presenting to camera - better video presenting
Advanced camera skills
Planning and preparation
Pod and vodcasting skills
Design and photography training

How to create your greatest ever cover - every time
Photography workshop
Cover culture: the techniques and formats that mags are using today to grab eyeballs
Redesign programme
15 secrets of the best covers ever
20 ways smart mags use their photographic edge to out-smart the web
Front section and news
Reviews and features
Packaging - the essentials
Packaging - advanced, using FMCG principles for  media
The dos and don’ts of designing magazine apps for tablets
The basic skills for creating great magazine layout
Front cover evaluator: is your magazine cover as good as it could be?
9 things to always keep front of mind when creating a magazine cover
Picture research
Cutting your picture budget
Cash in the lens: how to turn your photographic content into profit
Creativity sessions

Unleash your personal creativity
Unleashing the full creative power of your team
Break-through thinking workshop
Kick-starting creativity
Evaluating ideas effectively
Creativity workout for designers: igniting ideas from within

* No we didn't forget search engines!  Please see our SEO courses.

contentetc quote"Many thanks for arranging that afternoon session for the team. They all enjoyed it and have been talking today about some of the things they learned.  They mentioned it on the team blog on the website yesterday too.  So thank you for organising and conducting the session, it was very valuable and exactly addressed the training thoughts we discussed at the end of last year." 

Please contact us to find out more.


About us

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ETC is the UK's leading training provider for professionals working in media, marketing services, PR and corporate communications.  We provide training for maximising your media, communications, print and digital content. 

We give you a totally flexible approach to your learning and development, both in content and delivery.

Call us on 00 44 (0)1428 722105 to see how we can help you and your staff.  Read more...

Training Consultants

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Learn direct from the best in the industry.  Our consultants, trainers and writing specialists are all experts in their field, and work with Europe's leading media owners, publishers and content providers to improve skills, efficiency and creativity.  Read more...

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Please let us know if you want to learn more about our e-learning or tailored in-company training.

You can email us or call on 00 44 (0)1428 722105 to discuss your needs in more detail.

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ETC is pleased to work with and recommend a growing number of carefully selected partners.  Meet our partners here...

Creating content

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We have a large pool of expert talent available to create high quality content for your print or digital projects.

Our award-winning writers can help you create web content, online communication or persuasive marketing copy.  Read more...

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