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Many of our users identify trainer feedback as the most valuable element of our courses.  They love the one-to-one attention provided and the "luxury" of having an expert review their work, providing specific guidance and tips. We always recommend including this option as part of your e-learning programme.

25 top tips for managing creative people


The 25 top tips and techniques you really need to lead, inspire and manage your people effectively. Delivered by our lead management trainer, the course explains the essential steps to optimise your teams’ productivity, especially if you work in the creative, media, marketing or communications sectors. From time management and planning through to leadership and motivation, this e-learning course will instantly refresh and reinvigorate your management style!

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1 review for 25 top tips for managing creative people

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is one of the courses that I’ve enjoyed the most. It confirms some things we do in our team are right and has filled in the gaps for where we’re lacking. I’d like a little more insight into interpreting people’s needs and the tools they use to communicate, could we get a bonus feature on that please?

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