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Many of our users identify trainer feedback as the most valuable element of our courses.  They love the one-to-one attention provided and the "luxury" of having an expert review their work, providing specific guidance and tips. We always recommend including this option as part of your e-learning programme.

News writing


The best news copy appeals to your reader and keeps them reading. The secret is a skilled combination of understanding who you’re writing for, what they’re really interested in, and how to get that information across in a really engaging and timely way. As well as showing you these essential news writing techniques, this e-learning course will improve all your short copy skills, and save you precious writing time.

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2 reviews for News writing

  1. I find the newswriting course very enjoyable, clearly presented with lots of direct points that are easy to remember and extremely helpful.

  2. Recommended, the tailored feedback takes into account whichever publication you currently write for and responses are fast and useful.

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