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Many of our users identify trainer feedback as the most valuable element of our courses.  They love the one-to-one attention provided and the "luxury" of having an expert review their work, providing specific guidance and tips. We always recommend including this option as part of your e-learning programme.

Review and test writing


The best reviews and tests are always interesting to read, even if the reader has no intention of buying or using the product! This course shows you how to be objective and balanced, while still entertaining your reader with your observations and personal style. Whether it’s a travel review, car road test, IT test, or you just see yourself as the next Jeremy Clarkson, this e-learning course shows you everything you need to know, with invaluable tips from expert reviewers. We give it a Best Buy, 10 point, 5 star rating!

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2 reviews for Review and test writing

  1. A great course that has really enhanced every aspect of my review and test writing. With encouragement and constructive feedback from Piers, it was easy to make changes and come up with new ways of writing for the target audience.

  2. I found this course to be very useful. Piers helped to highlight many valuable things to think about when writing a review. Good feedback, though it took a while to be returned.

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