Creating Better Coverlines – In-company training

This highly practical course, based on your own magazine covers, looks at the importance of coverlines, and gives you the skills and techniques you can use to create them.


One day in-company training course

What’s the cover for? A discussion on the purpose of the magazine cover
  • Attract the reader, to pique their interest
  • Convince potential buyers of the value of the magazine
  • Advertise the content of that issue
  • Promote or reinforce the brand – and the reader’s association with it
  • Make a statement, elicit an emotional response 
What makes a good coverline?
  • Pragmatic and practical?
  • Intriguing and mysterious?
  • Formal or informal? Serious or humorous?
  • ‘Hard’ and ‘soft’ benefits
  • Hopes and fears
  • Positive versus negative

How to use a mixture  to make a well-rounded cover

‘Hot’ words and phrases

We look at the kind of words that evoke a reaction from readers. Words like New, Hot, Exclusive, Sex, Inside, Preview, Essential, Unmissable, Best, Great,  Beautiful, Fun, Favourite, Inside, Big, Bargain, Top, Friendly, Easy, Cheap, Cool, Sexy, Undiscovered, Smart, Popular, Award-winning, Expert, Free, Secret, and so on… And don’t’ forget Your!

Phrases like ‘We’ll show you how’ or ‘Discover the top 10 secrets’ or ‘Learn this skill today’ – phrases that draw the reader in and convince them the mag is worth buying


Typical coverlines on rival magazines and examine how – and why – their editors have done them.

Doing it: Styles of coverlines

Delivering the same content using different styles of coverline with different angles


Hierarchy, emphasis and newsstand optimisation

How to hit your message home whilst optimising your key coverlines for maximum newsstand visibility

Variety and familiarity

The benefits and pitfalls of delivering difference while keeping everything consistent; examples of magazines that tread this line successfully 

Doing it: Delegates will work in pairs on coverlines on current covers, or if that is not possible, rework cover lines on previous covers using the techniques learned.

To do lists – how will you put into practice what you have learned?

Reactions and close

This course provides you with practical skills that you can apply immediately to your own coverlines. We send you away with a list of “To dos” to focus on after your training and will follow-up with you to see how you are getting on. We are always here if you have any queries at all.

To find out more about our range of in-company courses, and how we work and support you both before and after your training, please have a look at our in-company training page.

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Great session, really informative and eye opener to mag coverlines. Thanks.

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