Feature writing

Every title aims to keep its readers coming back time and time again with great features.

But good features don't just happen. They are the result of careful planning and effective use of structure.

The course was brilliant - informative and inspiring. I wish I had an opportunity to do it years ago!

Features editor, Bauer Media

What level are you at?


Feature writing

This session is designed to give delegates with less than two years’ experience, the opportunity to break down the process and try out different techniques to improve their writing:

  • Choosing the best format for the subject
  • Spinning an idea to make it fresh
  • Considering digital elements
  • Planning for maximum effect
  • Varying intros in your features
  • Keeping the reader reading with great links
  • Quoting for impact
  • Concluding with a flourish

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Advanced feature writing

This session pushes experienced writers to take stock of what they are doing now; identify weak points and bad habits; and use the techniques outlined to change and improve their writing.

  • The best ways to get your information over
  • Formats: old, new and undiscovered
  • Thinking about digital elements for the story
  • Planning – what you should cover
  • Thinking in scenes and dialogue
  • Which structure suits the story
  • Intros – are yours as effective as they could be?
  • Intros - using the 7 types to maintain variety and excitement
  • Keeping the reader reading – different ways to link
  • Pace - why each sentence matters

Full course outline