News writing

News is the hook that brings readers into paper and online publications. But some news stories fail to grab readers because intros are flat or the structure is poor. We can help you improve your news writing to grab your readers and keep them coming back for more.

I now have solid knowledge and expertise behind my news writing decisions, meaning I can write with greater focus and control and make news stories more engaging.

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What level are you at?


Introductory news writing

  • Understanding what makes news for your reader
  • Making the best of the intro to hook the reader in
  • Appropriate techniques for writing news on paper and online
  • Understanding the basic structure
  • Keeping the reader’s interest going with the right structure
  • Varying the structure of the story depending on its content

Full course outline

Advanced news writing

  • What do your readers want?
  • Keeping your news new
  • Are you in a rut?
  • How to aim content directly at the needs of the reader
  • Making a strong start
  • Taking the reader through the content
  • Moving beyond the standard news story

Full course outline