Review and Test Writing

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The best reviews and tests are always interesting to read, even if the reader has no intention of buying or using the product!

Whatever your level or subject matter, we will show you how to improve your reviews so they entertain and inform, and add value to your product.

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Review and Test writing

  • The reviewer as a ‘journalist’
  • Applying standards to preparation and planning
  • The importance of structure
  • Time management
  • The reader’s expectations
  • Dos and don’ts

See our Intro to Review Writing in-company course outline here

Advanced Review and Test Writing

  • The imperative
  • What constitutes a really useful review
  • Group tests: achieving balance without blandness
  • The review as the magazine’s USP
  • Focus on the reader
  • Matching the profile with the review/test style and content
  • Identifying particular problems in maintaining consistency
  • The must-read factor
  • The time factor

See our Advanced Review Writing in-company course outline here

Excellent. Got me to see review writing from a different angle and taught me useful techniques.