Advanced review and test writing – E-learning course

Our interactive e-learning course helps you to evaluate, reassess and optimise the content, effectiveness and current style of your reviews and group tests.  You will learn how to analyse and profile the evolving needs of your readers, and your expert tutor will suggest many practical ways to add impact, interest and value to your reviews, whether they appear online or in a print publication.

Thank you very much, it was very helpful to someone like me who did a writing course and needed to brush up on the more intricate points of journalism.

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Perfect if you are a reviews editor, section editor, site editor, senior writer, contributor or review writer with more than two years experience. 

The course comes in 2 parts:

Part 1: Draw your reader into your reviews with these techniques.

Part 2: How to handle negative comments and add value to your reviews.

You will learn:
  • How to build stronger relationships with your readers
  • The importance of establishing relevance, authority and trust
  • Top tips to improve your copy flow, language and tone of voice
  • How reviewing differs between digital and print media
  • From analysing examples created for a variety of digital and print media channels
  • The proven methods to add impact and real value to your writing

...and much more.

Advanced review and test writing is a perfect follow-up to our online Review and test writing for digital and print training course.

If you sat down and did the course in one sitting, it would take approximately 1 hour to complete. However, the exercises and quizzes we include mean it can take longer. You can work at your own pace, and dip in and out of the course as often as you want, and go back to sections to really make sure you've understood. If you have any queries at all, you are very welcome to get in touch with the trainer as often as you want.

We set a 4 week deadline from the point you receive your enrolment information.  If you need longer though, you just need to let us know. The course covers:

Taking the review to your reader
  • Thinking about your reader's needs and perspectives
  • Allowing your own personality to feature in your writing
  • Directly involving your reader in your review
  • What's good and what's bad in intros
  • Establishing and building authority and trust
  • Putting it all into context
  • The balance of creativity, opinion and information
Writing for maximum interest
  • Using your writing skills to really engage your reader
  • Structuring your piece to pull the reader through
  • Balancing sentence lengths; managing pace, flow and rhythm
  • Using the right language at the right time
Adding value
  • Going the extra mile and making your review indispensable
  • The value of the negative
  • Enhancing your brand's position as an objective voice
Review writing for the web
  • What you need to do
  • Inviting reader response


This course is packed with interactive exercises so you can practise what you learn as soon as you learn it.

There are handy tips and checklists at key stages of the course.  These cover vital topics including:

  • Being aware of self-indulgence
  • Giving enough space to the subject of the review
  • Remembering that less is more
  • Watching out for legal issues
  • How to keep superlatives and adjectives under control.

and many more.

Piers Ford is a highly experienced journalist, specialising in reviews, tests, features and profiles. He contributes to a large number of business, arts and lifestyle publications including The Independent on Sunday, France magazine, BBC Music magazine, Gramophone, The Singer, The Financial Times, Boards,, Heritage and Country Living. 

The beauty of e-learning is that you can do it at a time and place to suit you. But you won't be alone! Piers will talk you through the key points to improve your skills and knowledge, and at any time during your e-learning course, you can email him with any queries or comments.

Piers can also give you invaluable one-to-one feedback on your own work. If you buy the trainer feedback option with your course, he will ask you to email your work after you have completed the e-learning. He will supply you with individual guidance, comments and practical suggestions. Then, once you've improved your work, he will review your revised content and provide a second set of comments. This unique feedback really brings your e-learning to life and makes sure you have truly grasped - and applied - all of the key principles.

If you would like to receive a Certificate when you have completed your e-learning course, please just let us know and we will arrange for one to be sent to you.

Advanced review and test writing is £105 + tax per user * which gives you full unlimited access to the course for one month. If you need longer though, you just need to let us know.

If you want to add personal one-to-one trainer feedback to the course, the price is £155 + tax.

* Discounted rates of up to 70% are available for multiple users. The discount applies to this course or a mix of e-learning courses. We will give you an immediate 10% discount off your second course if you book with us again.