Maintaining the quality and style of content are more important today than ever.

Our range of subbing courses cover all the key elements.

Made me want to be better at subbing!

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Focus on subbing

  • The role of the sub-editor
  • The importance of the magazine brand
  • Handling raw copy
  • House style
  • Writing strong headlines
  • The power of intros and standfirsts
  • Captions and conclusions

In-company training                    E-learning

Advanced subbing

  • The sub as quality monitor
  • The sub as production controller
  • The sub as creative writer
  • Subbing challenges
  • The sub as multitasker
  • The sub as brand
  • Subbing management
  • The sub as team player
  • The sub as self-motivator
  • The sub as time manager

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Online subbing

  • Why we sub
  • How people read on the web
  • A systematic approach to copy
  • Subbing with an eye on search engines
  • The importance of the first 100 words
  • Linking to create a user journey
  • Creating a checklist for subbing online

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