10 things Leveson must not fluff this Thursday

Ten things Leveson must not fluff

1                     Regulation must have legal backing: we can’t have the publishers opting out.

2                     Editors and publishers, including owners, should have responsibility for what their employees do, as in corporate manslaughter.

3                     Newspapers need to establishe internal compliance operations to implement a newly written code.

4                     Clarify what is the public interest.

5                     Contributions to public debates and those who put themselves in the public eye are more open to coverage than of private people, whatever happens to those private people.

6                     Reemphasise that hacking and harassment are criminal.

7                     Lay out a framework for the reform of libel to include the claimant’s need to prove they were damaged and how much, at the very least.

8                     Introduce a right of reply for all coverage.

9                     Lay out plans to fragment ownership to overcome the concentration of ownership.

10                 Say that the vast majority of the press the vast majority of the times does a great job.


I shall blog on Leveson this Thursday.  Don’t forget to enter our photo caption competition on Facebook.  The best caption wins a free e-learning course.  How better can it get? You all seem stumped by this one.

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