I had to read it twice…

…but for all the wrong reasons! I got this in my inbox today, from a respected trade body. Of course the spelling and grammar mistakes could be put down to an administrative oversight, but that still doesn’t really excuse the poor tone of voice… ——————————————————————————————————————- Hi Craig, The IAB has a busy training scedule planned in Read More

iPad wins over women too

It’s not just gadget-loving men who like the look of the Apple  iPad.  Almost everyone in a group of 30 or so women who recently had a chance to try one said they would like to buy one. Admittedly this a small sample.  And they were journalists working for a highly style conscious-brand. But they Read More

It starts with content, but how does it end?

Remember that business school cliche ? “Pony Express went bust because they thought they were in the horse and carriage business, not the transport industry.” In media this has been pertinent for years – the magazine publishers of old are now information distributors or multimedia user group hubs, for example. Reading this excellent article  about Rupert’s latest Read More

The content debate, or the news debate?

Wow isn’t life exciting!  Whatever the eventual outcome of the current transformations taking place in media – and especially news media – we can all say we were there when it happened. This Paid Content article   is a good example, where an experienced (respected? see the comments…) press man is utterly disbelieving of Rupert’s paywall model. I Read More

Investigative journalism works at H&H

Investigative reporting works. Investigative reporting works as a key tool to unearth exclusive news and features for readers. It works as a boost to morale of the writing team. It works as a sales tool. Horse & Hound, the weekly bible of the equestrian world, has launched an investigative journalism campaign. The first fruits of Read More

Libel Bill falls short

Lord Lester’s Private Member’s Bill to reform libel laws does not go far enough.  It is a valiant effort to reform libel, which is badly needed.  Valiant because it will get little hearing.  But less than adequate. The only real new point in the 15-page bill is that corporations should only be able to sue Read More