Benefits of e-learning and face-to-face

What’s best done through e-learning and what’s best done face-to-face?  Putting together a proposal for a client prompted that old question to be posed again. I’m in favour of a blended approach because, although a fan, e-learning cannot do everything.  It can impart skills and knowledge.  But if you want to deal with attitudes and Read More

You need to plan your planning…

An ugly title, I agree, but none the less true for that. In recent weeks I’ve been struck by the number of companies taking the time to actually plan their business strategy. I’m surprised for two reasons.  First, that planning seems to be an unnatural act for many people in business. Our human nature usually kids us Read More

Google is always watching you

…even, apparently, when you’re not doing anything! Google had just been granted a patent – which they filed back in 2005 – which allows them to track the mouse movements and the cursor positions of our computer screens , even (and especially) when we are not clicking anything. This will no doubt prove a useful addition to Google’s Read More

Amazon sells more e-books than paper books

We have reached a tipping point in book publishing: Amazon now sells more e-book content than paper content.  For every 100 paper books it shipped in June in the USA Amazon “shipped” 180 e-book content to customers. Note that date in your diary: June 2010.  And note that they were paying customers: Amazon excluded its Read More

Should the website come second to the magazine?

One of the biggest problems that print journalists cite when they are talking about their websites is lack of resources: lack of time, lack of money, lack of technical know-how. So websites attached to print publications can end up looking like an unloved afterthought. Does it have to be that way? Yes it’s hard, and Read More