Context first, then content

Separated by just one letter, yet worlds apart. Or are they? The appeal and impact of your content – regardless of your intended message – is influenced more by context than any other single factor. Take this post. Fairly brief, not too contentious, a small voice of opinion in a very noisy world. Yet, if it appeared on the Read More

Wintour and Frith have the buzz

Anna Wintour and Mark Frith are iconic editors.  Wintour of Vogue and Frith of Heat and now at Time Out. They mix celebrity and fashion: two of the great modern themes.  Or post-modern themes. Anybody generating content today should look at what they have done and what they are doing.  It has a lesson for Read More

Internal or external communications?

Surely we’re all familiar with “external” communications? As well as the many and varied formats of print, events, broadcast and web content, there are the more interpersonal and direct platforms of PowerPoint pitches, sales calls, review meetings, client reports, email proposals, project updates, etc, etc… So much for getting your message successfully into the outside world. But how many of us really think about Read More

E-learning best for knowledge and skills

E-learning is a strong tool to impart knowledge, fact-based training.  This was my central message at the EventUK conference and exhibition today in which I was a panel member. It is also works to train in skills as you can see from our portfolio of skills e-learning courses.  Our number one selling course is Writing Read More

Is Augmented Reality the next “red button” ?

Remember the fuss about the digital TV “red button” ? You press it while watching a commercial and hey presto! you’re whisked to a rich media advertisement featuring video, text content, interactive web pages, etc. Problem is, nobody wants to actually do that. It took broadcasters a few [expensive] years to recognise this, and now, as far Read More

Pressure on free speech to ease with Eady retirement

The pressure on free speech by the triple whammy of libel, privacy and injunctions should ease.   Mr Justice Eady is retiring as the senior judge in the High Court of England and Wales hearing those types of cases. Eady has given a string of decisions which have tightened privacy and opened the way for injunctions to stop Read More