Wikileaks: a fine new institution worth defending

Wikileaks, the website devoted to leaking what the authorities don’t want us to know, faces two problems. It has internal problems to solve and it is being criticised for its revelations.  These revelations possibly put people in Afghanistan and Iraq in danger.  It has moved its operations to Sweden with its more liberal press laws

Spending cuts – where’s the upside?

I know this concept is hard to imagine, especially as there are so many downsides.  Job losses and reductions in public service, to name just two that will affect many of us. And sadly, even this blog post isn’t really date-sensitive, as these cuts will be here for many, many  years to come… The one effect I’ll be watching

Top tip of the week – SEO

#17 Search Engine Optimisation – don’t pay for search engine marketing if you already sit at the top of the organic search results for those search terms. You might end up paying for users who would have naturally clicked on your organic link. See more top tips here.

Guidelines for naming companies

Company names are part of the company’s intellectual property.  They are increasingly being defended.  Legal disputes over company names have shot up by 43% this year, says Sweet & Maxwell, the legal information provider. Some smaller companies are piggy packing on the success of larger companies.  This is particularly so for IT companies such as

Grammar is the glue.

I received an email this morning with this sentence: “Make no mistake, personalising products to customers’ needs wins business – but we must remember to pay as much attention to making it easy as to the product itself.” Like me, you probably had to read it twice. The author is a professional writer, and this email

Bring on the iPad

There was bad news for magazines in recent research from Orange. A survey of people who access the internet on their mobile phones found that the number who stop reading print newspapers is pretty much balanced by those who read newspapers online. But that’s not the case with magazines. The people surveyed are reading fewer