10 predictions for the magazine industry for 2011

Here are my 10 predictions for the magazine industry for 2011. 1  Advertising revenue will lift. Indeed, it is already lifting.  The luxury goods vendors will still cut their spending but the FMCG companies will carry on expanding advertising.  But they will want something for it so expect more sponsorship and more attempts to control editorial

Is he really a Wiked Witch?

Everyone in the media is closely following the current travails of Julian Assange and the ramifications of the Wikileaks news torrent. Whatever your political leanings, or opinion of the legal issues confronting Mr Assange (and I talk here of the civil suits threatened by the US among others, not the Swedish prosecutor’s charges), it is impossible to ignore the

What does Twitter do?

It has now become accepted practice for most titles to use Twitter to raise their profiles with readers.  The thinking is that following a brand or the key people in that brand will influence them. The question is: what will it influence them to do? There was a good example in the UK last week