10 predictions for the magazine industry for 2011

Here are my 10 predictions for the magazine industry for 2011. 1                     Advertising revenue will lift. Indeed, it is already lifting.  The luxury goods vendors will still cut their spending but the FMCG companies will carry on expanding advertising.  But they will want something for it so expect more sponsorship and more attempts to control Read More

Is he really a Wiked Witch?

Everyone in the media is closely following the current travails of Julian Assange and the ramifications of the Wikileaks news torrent. Whatever your political leanings, or opinion of the legal issues confronting Mr Assange (and I talk here of the civil suits threatened by the US among others, not the Swedish prosecutor’s charges), it is impossible to ignore the Read More

Is bigger traffic better traffic?

Interesting to hear Joanna Geary, the communities editor of The Times in the UK, speaking at the news:rewired conference in London yesterday. More is not necessarily better when it comes to traffic, she said, it’s the quality that counts. Loyal users are better value because keeping them is more profitable than attracting new users each Read More

Fair comment strengthened and becomes “honest comment”

The fair comment defence for libel has been strengthened and renamed “honest comment”. The Supreme Court has decided in a small but important libel action that you no longer have to spell out the facts on which the comment is based. Comment on the Internet triggers change The Court made its decision because of the millions Read More

The Ashes. Surely just another game of cricket…?

I apologise for this obvious and clearly ridiculous falsehood. It’s emphasis on irony is simply meant to highlight the importance of humour in our everyday communications, both one-to-one and across mass media.  Of course this is especially true when feelings run hot, as in this ongoing cricket tournament, where Australia clearly dominate, other than the metronomic Read More

MP uses “lawfare” against critic

Another instance of “lawfare” as it is called when claimants threaten libel actions against individuals.  MP Julian Lewis has instructed his solicitors to write to Richard Grant who said in a letter to the New Milton Advertiser and Lymington Times that Lewis had “got away with” an expenses claim. The “lawfare” tactic many solicitors are Read More

Google: relevance yes; quality no

A timely reminder that Google does not measure the quality of content. A story in the New York Times revealed that an online retailer had managed to turn poor comments from customers in to a high ranking  from Google. Google acted quickly to add an algorithm to stop such a thing happening again. It said:  Read More