Internet empowering: as long as you keep ahead

The success of the political activist site 38 Degrees provides further evidence that the Internet can be an empowering, even liberating, force. Petitions on 38 Degrees include “protect the NHS” and against the sale of state forests.  These have rattled Tory MPs so much that they argued for the sale plans to be scrapped and Read More

Why e-learning works

Companies expect to do more e-learning and mobile learning this year, according to a recent survey from the Centre for People Development . Nearly 90% of those questioned said they intended to offer more e-learning and mobile learning. It might not have been a highly scientific survey, but the results make sense to us. When Read More

Google goes to paper for magazine; YouTube to generate content

Google and its subsidiary YouTube are taking steps to generate their own content.  Until now both have relied on the content of others. The move by YouTube to generate its own high-quality original content has got the most coverage.  It wants to complete with Internet-based TV.  It has signed up sporting coverage already. The move Read More

What’s in a word?

Well, I think practically everything. I’m helping a client to recruit at the moment, and I’d almost forgotten what a depressing exercise it can be in so many ways. Politely acknowledging every single application, without giving away too much, or innocently exposing yourself to some speculative lawsuit because you have somehow omitted a specific aspect Read More

Digital mags boosted with free Mag+ app

Digital magazines have got a boost this week with the offer of a free iPad app so that publishers can see how their magazine would look in digital format. The app, Mag+, is from Bonnier AB, the Scandinavian publishing house.  Mag+ is used by 25 digital magazines already. Publishers will have to pay for Mag+ Read More

Spelling counts

Good writing speaks directly to the reader. That’s why taking care over spelling matters. Misspelled words distract the reader from what you are trying to say. The same is true whether you’re working in old or new media. Mark Luckie makes the point for new media in his excellent blog on digital  journalism. So here Read More