TV listing mags defy gravity

The TV listing magazines continue to defy gravity: 4 TV listings magazines win the top readerships among weeklies in the latest NRS survey. The information they deliver  is all available elsewhere.  It is in daily newspapers and in separate magazines of the Saturday and Sunday editions; it is available online.  Yet 3.4 million read What’s Read More

What’s in a brand?

Magazine brands are moving away from traditional magazine content when it comes to apps.  Esquire has launched a puzzle app for the iPad, for example. That makes sense. Brands have been extending their boundaries for years with things like conferences and merchandise. New media prompt new ideas. So far so good. Can it go too Read More

Is there a “me” in empathy?

 Well there is, but of course it’s reversed… And that’s kind of the point. Too many writers that I meet are still obsessed with what they “want to say”, rather than what their audience  may want to hear. They also overlook the fact that writers have to earn their readers’ attention before they can deliver the main Read More

Choose typefaces with authority, if you want authority

The font you use is important because we know it’s not what you say but how you say it.  So in written communication it’s the typeface you use. Sarah Palin’s organisation has chosen Gotham as the typeface for her official website.  I doubt she chose it, hence the term “organisation”.  It was President Obama’s typeface Read More