Two steps in IP

The government has taken one step forward and one step back in its policy over intellectual property (IP). The step forward is the appointment of IP attachés to UK embassies around the world.  These attachés will pressure foreign governments to crack down on infringements of the IP rights of UK companies and citizens, it announced Read More

Investigative journalism works: Pilots cleared after 17 years

Two dead RAF helicopter pilots have been cleared after an investigative journalism campaign of 17 years.  Flt Lts Trapper and Cook were cleared last week of the accusation that they flew the copter into the Mull of Kintyre killing all 29 on board. The dead included senior British intelligence officers and their special forces minders. Read More

Making information accessible

The key to making information accessible is a simple question: Why does this matter to the reader? Answering this can help you overcome the all-too-human temptation to deluge the reader with as much information as you can find, without bothering to tell them why they should care. Let’s say you’ve been asked to recommend whether Read More

10 lessons from the NoW closure

1                     To paraphrase the Sun: “It’s the advertisers whot won it.”  Senior News International executives talked about the loss of trust by the readers as the cause of the closure of the NoW.  It wasn’t any such thing.  It was because the advertisers bailed out.   It was a ruthless closure inflicted on a team which Read More