ABC circulations: steady is good

The ABC circulation figures for UK magazines from January to June are good.  A stable net circulation can, in these troubled times, be described as good. Children’s magazines are up.  News and current affairs magazines are up. Kids like paper Who said children do not like paper? And when the world is in flux people Read More

Two fingers hover over the master switch

Google’s takeover of Motorola’s mobile phone operations may strengthen its hold on the master switch of the Internet, to the detriment of all users. The Cycle: Open then closed Communications technologies before the Internet have gone through an open founding phase and then become closed.  One company or a select few have been then able to have Read More

Rioters or protesters? Words matter

The recent riots in England have hammered home something we already know: writers need to think carefully about the words they choose. The BBC found this out when it spent two days calling the looters in the disturbances that have rocked England in the past few days, protesters. It provoked a leader in The Daily Read More

The BBC: Dinosaurs can dance

BBC Worldwide is close to the sale of its magazines to private equity group Exponent. This will satisfy those critics in the magazine industry who have always wondered why the BBC is in magazines, not just spin offs from its own programmes. No supporter or enemy of the BBC should see this as a retreat. Read More