Same rules for all: citizens and professionals

It is no coincidence that The Times today has a page of debate about the role of professional journalists as claims to have 1,000 “citizen journalists”.  Can’t show you The Times articles bacause of its fire wall. We know the perceived state of professional journalism: ethically challenged and less able to serve its purpose Read More

Centaur answers tough question

Centaur Media’s results for its full year show that swift if painful action can keep the ship of B2B magazine publishing not only afloat but sailing strongly. Some reports concentrated on the £30.3 million pre tax loss.  That’s understandable. Closer look But a closer look shows a more healthy position at Centaur: revenues up 14%; Read More

Better trained graduates with the PPA certificate from UEL

Graduates better trained in the ways of magazine journalism are coming onto the market soon.  Selected students from the University of East London will take the Professional Publishers Association  Professional Certificate in Journalism.  Those who pass will be able to put the certificate on the desk as well as their degree in journalism for potential Read More

Essentials shows the reader is the celebrity

Essentials, the women’s monthly magazine from IPC, shows this month why its circulation is rising faster than any other women’s magazine: its closeness to its readers. Essentials’ October edition is edited by 7 women readers.  We are used to celebrity editors but this puts the readers into the celebrity slot.  They are featured on the Read More