Journalism ethics: an oxymoron?

Can journalism be an ethical profession?   Let’s deal with the last word first: it’s a set of crafts not a profession.  Journalists do not regulate who joins, do not have the powers to reject members who breach its “code of ethics”.  So it’s a set of crafts which likes to call itself a profession. If Read More

Future content floods through Apple app

Future Publishing has delivered 2 million downloads through the Apple Newstand function in 4 days.  The downloads cover 50 of Future’s publications across three platforms iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  It offers free content, paid-for and premium products. But is it making money?  Future won’t say, can’t say as it is in the quiet period Read More

Contract mag works for Heineken

Heineken and its contract publisher Wardour have shown that magazines can work.  After only three issues of the contract magazine First Orders  published by Wardour for Heineken aimed at the drinks trade a staggering 41% of readers said the magazine had positively changed their view of the brewer. A third place order A third of Read More

Hearst US shows the way to digital subs: 300,000 and counting

The very disappointing digital subscription figures from ABC for UK magazines in August may give the impression that content has to be free online.  But news from Hearst in the USA shows  that paid digital circulation on tablets and e-readers can work.  Hearst US has over 300,000 paid digital subscribers for its digital versions of Read More