Copyright consultation: get on with it

The UK government has opened up a period of consultation over the reform of copyright.  It is picking up the proposals of the Hargreaves report and suggesting changes in: Allowing limited personal copying of music etc; More open use of data for data mining for non-commercial operations; Exceptions from copyright infringement for parody and pastiche; Read More

WSJ: the dog that did not bark

I posed a question at a conference on financial journalism this week which still needs answering: Why did not the Wall Street Journal know of the shenanigans in the run up to the crash which started in 2007?  It was the dog which did not bark.  Possible answers are: Most of the bad stuff was Read More

EU probes e-book publishers and Apple

The EU is to formally investigate whether Apple and 5 European publishers are gouging the e-book market.  Have they conspired to set prices and so rig the market, is the question. E-books more expensive than paper  E-books are more expensive than paper editions, much to the surprise of many experts.  Manufacture and distribution of paper Read More

Why sentence length matters

Are your sentences flabby? Many writers try to cram far too much information into their sentences.  The result: they are hard to understand so they don’t get read. Here’s an example: The estate was Woods’s most successful commission with the park and grounds hailed as ‘the most beautiful and picturesque’ in the country. He widened Read More