UBM: good numbers and strong words

There are good numbers and strong words from UMB this week.  The good numbers are in the annual results: Revenue up 9.3%; Margins up 20.8% from 19.3%; More revenue from China than Europe; The strong words are from David Levin, chief executive since 2005, in The Daily Telegraph speaking before the results were out. Software Read More

SoS from Murdoch

Advertising sellers and journalists are toiling away on the first edition of The Sun on Sunday in Wapping. The most important job is being done by the advertising sellers.  They have to persuade the advertisers that this is not the News of the World Mark II.  “It’s The Sun on Sunday (SoS)” they will have Read More

Deliver what you promise when you write

Getting the right message in your headline, your title or your subject line in an email is crucial. It’s where you grab the reader’s attention. But sometimes writers try so hard to get you to read that they shoot themselves in the foot. Anyone  sending out an email newsletter these days is fighting against a Read More

Dacre proposes professionalising journalism

Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, has made a proposal which may, at last, turn journalism into a real profession.  He told the Leveson inquiry this week that journalists should be accredited by a body of self regulation.  Only those accredited journalists would be free to attend press conferences. Regulation through press cards This Read More