London: home of free paper-based mags

Time Out London goes free tomorrow, Tuesday.  The advertisers think 300,000 freely distributed in the core of London better than 55,000, and declining, paying for it.  The first free issue will be 80 pages, up from the normal 72 to give space for more ads. Not that Time Out’s current website says so. Time Out Read More

Berlusconi behind Kate topless pictures?

Here’s a conspiracy. Silvio Berlusconi is behind the revelation of Kate Middleton’s upper half  in France and Italy.  He owns both magazines carrying the photos, Closer in France and Chi in Italy through Mondadori. He owns the mags His representatives say that the Italian media mogul had nothing to do with it.  But as Mandy Read More

Raise a glass of blanc de blanc for Bob Heller

So, farewell Bob Heller, aged 80.  Bob made journalism about business, particularly management, into a real “profession”. He was the founder editor of Management Today.  A prolific and clear writer.  And a recruiter of talent. Among the talent he recruited was Nick Newman, now plying his trade as a great cartoonist and as a satirist. Read More

Hearst learn game of digital subs

Buried in the detail of the latest ABCs for magazines was the interesting detail of digital subs.  Hearst is the winner with 4 digital mags in the top 11. Conde Nast has 2, The Economist had 2: the continental Europe edition and the Asia Pacific edition. As for the paper editions, total circulation was down Read More