We need to discuss our ethics

It’s time for us content generators, previously known as journalists, to talk about ethics.  I hear you say: “Richard, you’re having a laugh.  Who can keep the notions of ‘journalists’ and ‘ethics’ in their head at the same time?” Whatever the outcome of the Leveson farrago, without some common understanding of what our ethics should Read More

Praise for the creative commons: quality of work improving

All hail the creative commons The quality of photography available on Flickr for commercial use via the creative commons licence has increased by bounds.  More and more are willing to let their photos be used as long as they are credited. Take this photo I wanted an illustration of a hammer and a screw.  I Read More

May right to raise threat of law to underpin independent press regulation post Leveson

Teresa May is right to say the government would introduce legislation to underpin an independent regulation of the press if the press itself does not come up with a suitable plan, and soon. That’s a good negotiating tactic. Her legions of critics will say: “But it’s not Government policy, listen to the PM.” But there Read More