Future results show magazines not out of the woods

It may have been too much to hope for three quite good results in a row from the magazine industry.  Future Publishing has followed Centaur and Reed with its interim results. Both Centaur and Reed were quite upbeat, giving some hope that the long recession may be nearing its end. Future’s results are less positive.  Read More

Who owns the contacts you’ve made on LinkedIn when you leave the job?

Really good question at a conference where I spoke about the new libel law this week for Conscious Solutions.  Not about libel but about ownership of LinkedIn contacts.   The same question has been asked in one of our face-to-face courses. Question: who owns the contacts you make on LinkedIn while you are employed by a Read More

Belfast and Dublin to be new centres for libel after Act in England and Wales

It’s all very well for the new Defamation Act to be enforced in England and Wales with its new stronger defences.  But libel is always a race to the bottom: where can the claimant/plaintiff sue and have a higher chance of winning?   The answer now is in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The Northern Read More