What are the limits to freedom of speech?

Two interesting and important statements about freedom of speech in seminars at the University of East London this week.  One I agree with, another I do not. Actions not expressions First: laws should only deal with actions and not expressions.  The law should punish what people do not what they say.  Even if the expression Read More

“Don’t quote me…”

It’s very easy to underestimate the power of a quote. Quite apart from the value of the actual words, the fact that you are referring to a third-party always lends a little extra credibility to your message. It suggests you have researched your subject. That you have found other, respected or at least recognisable, supporters. Read More

First impressions matter…

Is there a tide of change in recruitment…? Organisations are now starting to recognise that everything they publish, distribute, or post has to reinforce the brand message. Now, it is no longer enough to have a slick website if the careers section looks like a back-street fast-food stall, or worse. I still see many glossy Read More

“Political spittle”: what a great term

Heard a wonderful phrase today which I had not heard before: “political spittle”. It was used by Martin Lewis, journalist and website owner, on the Any Questions BBC Radio 4 programme. It means the rubbish politicians say in their debates.  Apparently not a new term.   But worth passing on.  Use it when enraged about the Read More

I can see the light, but the tunnel keeps getting longer…

I read only last week that a venerable Scandinavian research institute had deduced (after a mega bout of data crunching and munching that I can only imagine) that: “90% of ALL the data ever produced by humanity has been created in the last two years.” Wow, I thought. That’s what I call exponential… We all Read More

ContentETC briefing prompts campaign to reform libel in Nigeria

A leading Nigerian media company plans to launch a campaign in Nigeria to reform Nigeria’s libel laws.  Media Trust, a newspaper, internet and magazine publisher in the Nigerian capital, plans to lobby other publishers and journalists to mount this campaign.  The aim is to reform the complicated libel laws to win more freedom of speech. Read More