To communicate, or to inform?

Seems obvious. After all, how can you really communicate without providing information? Well actually you can, and sometimes very persuasively. Think about your favourite actor conveying their emotions, even in a close-up of quiet repose. Think about the power of abstract art, and the emotional response it can generate. Now I agree that these simple Read More blends its content messages in UK launch

A good way to get into a new market is by a combination of social media using content marketing and the traditional marketing tools.  Take the restaurant sticks’n’sushi out of Copenhagen.  It has opened in London.  First in Wimbledon and next month in Covent Garden. The chain has 11 restaurants in Denmark on its website Read More

Proposal, presentation, or propaganda?

I’ve recently been training teams in marketing communications and creative solutions in the art and science of proposal writing. It has been illuminating, and gratifying too, with one manager reporting a £250,000 sale secured as an indirect result of our workshop. My first surprise when preparing for these workshops was the almost universal reliance on Read More

17 gain PPA’s certificates through ContentETC

A total of 17 journalists graduated with the Professional Publisher’s Association (PPA) certificates run by ContentETC and UEL this week. The certificates are growing in popularity as a result of the association of ContentETC and the PPA. Special rate at UEL 13 were from the University of East London.  The PPA has negotiated a special Read More

Expert help with your writing, when you really need it

We all know what it’s like being trained. Especially if it’s a good course, with an inspiring tutor. You eagerly soak up the top tips and new ideas, and resolve to apply new lessons back at your desk. Then time passes, and while you are making every effort to control bad habits, and learn new, Read More

Specsavers should have gone to ContentETC to save it a libel action

Kevin Pietersen has won a libel action against an advert.  It suggested that he had tampered with his cricket bat to fool the Hot Spot technology cricket now uses.  It was run by Specsavers. His lawyer rightly said after: the intention of the content or its creators is irrelevant.  It’s the impact that counts. All Read More

So, how many hours in your working day?

Every day, in business, someone will say to me “I just don’t/didn’t have the time”. Of course, what I actually hear is “It just wasn’t important enough for me to complete”. We all have to work with the same amount of time. Our heroes in business, whoever they may be, have the same 24 hours Read More

Content marketing: growing but depends on good content

The latest research into content marketing from the leading market – North America –shows clear trends for this fledgling marketing approach.  The trend is: the more the better. Traditional marketing involves the renting of space in other media.  Content marketing involves the creation of content and its distribution through your own media.  It includes contract Read More

So why start at the beginning…?

When writing, I usually create the headline first. I could be creating an e-shot, a web page, a blog post, or even a press release. Having decided on the headline, I then find it much, much easier to write the body copy, because the headline gives my imagination a focus, a theme, a central message. Read More