Short financial reports help the share price

Short financial reports are more effective than long ones. Long reports: bouncy shares Companies reporting their financial results with long and wordy documents are more likely to have volatile share prices, reports The Times. Analysis can’t see the wood for the trees.The length of the financial report is the dominant factor in the movement of Read More

UKIP generates great sound bites

Political communications can be brutal.  See the career of Alastair Campbell. And watch the antics of Malcolm Tucker played by Peter Capaldi in the TV series The Thick of it. People’s Princess But occasionally it comes up with some glorious phrases, or rather sound bites.  Remember Tony Blair’s description of Diana as the “people’s Princess”? Read More

Think it? Write it.

I was talking the other day with a friend.  About the democritisation of music. The access to great music-making tools. The ease of distribution. How anyone with a  tablet or laptop, thanks to tools like GarageBand, can create and produce great sounds for themselves, their friends, and maybe even the great listening public out there… Read More

Customer magazines thrive

Customer magazines, aka contract magazines, are a strengthening arm of corporate communications.  They give brands all the appeal of a magazine and remain in front of the customer long after they have left the shop or consumed the service.  They are part of the sector calling itself content marketers. Strategic or tactical They can be Read More