Murriwins in supermarket communications?

In the savage wars of the supermarkets Morrisons’ corporate communications take the biscuit. It has incorporated its distinctive M into the slogan about price: “I’m cheaper” says a sticker on the floor at the doors and on marketing material.   Notice the “I’m” making Morrisons into a person. And notice the “your”, appealing directly to Read More

Top 10 tips for presentations

Presentations are the bread and butter of corporate communications. Yet they can be boring, can create panic in new presenters and fail to get the message across. Here’s my top 10 tips for presentations: 1                     Presentations are about presentation and content. Great content can be ruined by a poor performance. But a great performance cannot Read More

Miliband’s poor picture: say cheese and have eye contact

Another non-smiling politician loses the communications game.  Google Ed Miliband’s image and there are several good looking smiling images but they chose this one.  What is he looking at? If you want to communicate then have some eye contact and smile.  Even in a small group make sure you make eye contact regularly with everybody.  Read More

Tip of the week: get somebody out there talking for you in a crisis, however bad at the Co-op Group

Never, never ever stop communicating when there is a crisis. Refusal to talk is bad Today the Co-operative Group refused to respond on radio to the critical report by Lord Myners that the Co-operative Group is “disfunctional”.   The BBC’s Radio 4 “The World at One” announced that nobody from the Co-op wanted to talk. Shame Read More