Mercedes second-hand car salesman shows great corporate communications

Who do you trust least for truthful corporate communications: estate agents or used-car salesmen? Used-car salesmen have just dropped out of my list as a result of a great job of sales and corporate communications by Jason Leporte at the Mercedes dealership in New Maldon, London, just off the A3. There are lessons for all Read More

Bemis: great slogan and needs to use it: The Best Seat in the House

How can you communicate to customers that you make the best toilet seats? After all, it’s only a toilet seat. Bemis has got a great slogan for its toilet seats: The Best Seat in the House. It’s gone as far as to register it as a trade mark. A big but That’s good corporate communications. Read More

A UK internet troll seriously damaged the reputation of a US lawyer, the High Court decided yesterday. Jason Page put a false review on Google maps about the Colorado lawyer Timothy Bussey, the Court decided. Under the new law Page now faces a £100,000 bill after losing the case. It is one of the first Read More