RBS: poor policy poorly communicated to axe bank managers

Royal Bank of Scotland has decided to axe its bank managers in its branches. A poor decision when more people want to see the person in charge and not be told “the computer says no”.

Poor communications

And to compound the error it communicates it badly: or not at all directly. The Times carries the story on page 45 today. It reports that 245 bank managers are to go and managers will look after 2 or 3 branches.

Bad argument

Nothing on the RBS website about it. If I were a customer of RBS, which I am not, I would want to know the impact this would have on my service. But all I’d have is the argument conveyed in The Times that it will save money.

Think of the customers

If a corporation, and especially a bank today, makes such a decision it should get out there and explain it. And not just in terms of saving money. Think of the customers in your corporate communications and angle your policy towards them.  Think: what would Mr Mainwaring have done?

What would Mr Mainwaring do?  Not what the RBS is doing.
What would Mr Mainwaring do? Not what the RBS is doing.


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