3 tips for a better CV

CVs are selling documents: they are selling you to an employer. And they can be so bland and boring that they soon end up in the waste-paper basket. Here’s 3 tips to make your CV stand out:

1. Make sure that at the top you have a personal statement that really says something. I call it the “see me” of the CV. Why should anybody even think of interviewing you if your CV is bland and reads like anybody else’s?

2. When listing previous employment put in the most important thing you learned in that job. A young man showed me his CV this week and it said he had been a Team Leader at Tesco. What does that mean? It means he ran a team of 7 people. And what did he learn? He learned how to motivate people. Put that in, I said.

3. Use an unusual font for the typeface. Not too unusual. Typography experts think Times New Roman is a no-no. It shows that you have not put any thought into the typeface you use, they said. Helvetica was considered safe.

For more help on CV writing, or any other business writing, just let us know.

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