5 universal top tips for better writing

The rules for good writing are the same pretty much wherever you go.

I’ve just been working with a group of writers in Poland and I was curious to see if the same rules that I would use in English would also apply to Polish. Well it seems they do.

I am reliably informed that the Polish language is difficult; built of  long words and multiple verb declensions.

But our top tips work for writing in Polish just as much as they do in English.

So there they are, for everyone:

  1. Write for your reader
  2. Engage their interest by putting  the most important or interesting content first
  3. Choose simple language that your reader will understand and relate to
  4. Make your writing easy to read by varying the length of your sentences
  5. Don’t fear the short sentence

I know that’s two about sentence length but it’s where most people go wrong so it’s worth repeating!

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