A force of reality…


Last night I was lucky enough to see the new film Gravity.

At the London iMax, on Britain’s largest cinema screen.

In digital 3D.

With 12,000 watts of sound…

As you can imagine, I’m still recovering, in an exhilarated and post-traumatic kind of way.

Today, I wanted to recall the experience, and of course pen this blog. How to make a connection? How can I use a visual rolle-rcoaster of a movie to illustrate a point about written communication?

You can’t, except of course in the realm of the imagination…

Because Gravity pulled off a fantastic double trick. On the one hand it fulfilled your rational expectations (in this case, of what working  in space is really like), while magnificently and totally stimulating your sensory and emotional spectrums.

So an incredible  piece of creativity and craft.

In the same way that really good writing can be.

It’s a very tall order for any writer to  accomplish. Give the reader what they want, and expose them to hitherto unimagined possibilities.

A tough challenge. But not impossible.

Go see the film.

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