a network, or a spider’s web?

Have you noticed how recruitment has permeated your social media networks?

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because to build a successful career we usually need to change jobs, every now and then, but…

I worry about the noise and the clutter, and the gigantic social media ecosystems that are being created out there. LinkedIn profiles with 500+ connections are almost invariably recruiters. Sometimes I feel slightly suffocated on LinkedIn by the ever-present recruitment consultants, especially those that chronically litter the Update trail with the latest job opportunity. It is not unreasonable to imagine a point in time when ALL recruiters are connected to each other. When EVERY single LI profile includes a selection of recruitment consultants. When every NEW JOB  is available to everyone, all at once. Then what will happen? A Big Bang moment? The network closing in on itself, imploding as it takes us all with it…?

Clearly I am indulging my imagination here, but it is a topic worth considering.

And so what can we do? Well, a lot of my contacts are already doing it.. segmenting their networks, and filtering their exposure and potential interaction. Deleting those nuisance contacts.

Taking these steps makes sense, especially if you are a highly talented and ambitious worker with high potential value to a new employer (that’s all of us, right?!?).

I think that recruitment should be formally separated from the intrinsic keeping-in-touch aspects of LI in particular. If consultants want to connect with you, or approach you with an offer, they should pay for the time-limited privilege. In the same vein, IF I’m looking for a job, then I can enter their world through a dedicated portal, where I can find all the job opportunities I could possibly wish for.

Holding this view is slightly ironic, because I do a lot of work with recruiters. I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn. A lot of my closest friends are…no hang on, that’s not true. Anyway, the point is that this isn’t about prejudice, more to do with seeking clarity and neatness…and thus efficiency.

This is also one troublesome – and very intriguing – aspect of the www. Many apps and platforms end up being used for a purpose which differs from their original intent or design. Twitter as a news feed.  MySpace as a musicians’ demo forum. Facebook as a replacement for friends, rather than a conduit to form new bonds.

Guess we’re going to need to WatchThisSpace…!

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