ABC circulations: steady is good

The ABC circulation figures for UK magazines from January to June are good.  A stable net circulation can, in these troubled times, be described as good.

Children’s magazines are up.  News and current affairs magazines are up.

Kids like paper

Who said children do not like paper?

And when the world is in flux people often turn to magazines such as news and current affairs to understand what is going on.

And they also turn to magazines when there is a big event to celebrate: Hello! circulation rose by more than a quarter, boosted by the Will and Kate marriage.

Big crashes

There were some big crashes: Zoo down a third, Heat down a fifth, and FHM down nearly a quarter.

With crashes like those, the other growing sectors did well to make up the difference.

TV listings defy gravity

TV listings mags continue to defy gravity: circulation up 1% in the first six months of this year compared with the first six months of 2010.

Some surprises

What this all tells us is that:

  • Some sectors are in decline: men’s mags for one (no surprise);
  • Some are on the up: kid’s mags for one (bit of a surprise);
  • And some are steady (no surprise);
  • Overall the buying public is not turning away from mags (slight surprise given the omens); and
  • The steady circulation should give those publishers who rely more on subscription income than others should be in a healthier position (good for them).

Now the publishers need to persuade the advertisers of this vital truth.  Then they can get their profit and loss accounts into better shape.


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