Auditing magazines from cover to online

I spent a whole day this week listening to and marking the presentations of students at the University of East London presenting their audits of magazines.  We have taught them some of the practices in the professional audit of magazines.  How to form a focus group, how to construct a pace and flow chart.

A handful did not get it at all.  They could not look professionally at a magazine which was not on a subject they were interested in.  They could not take that essential step back and see if it worked or not, and why.

Why does it work?

The majority get it.  One student formed a focus group of his granny and her friends to audit the success of Yours.  Others used social media to form virtual focus groups.

We showed them how to analyse covers, and most loved that.  They loved to see how things worked rather than just looking at them.

Audit the competition

We looked at the online presence as well as the paper issues.   And we gave them the tools to analyse the commercial position of their chosen magazine.  Plus they looked at the competition and rated their chosen magazine against it.

ContentETC can give you these skills as well.  As either a face-to-face course or as a consultancy process.  You’d be surprised at what you will learn.

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