Get the order right when you write

Putting one word in the wrong place in a sentence can dramatically alter its meaning. This sentence appeared in the warning and safety instructions for a domestic oven. The appliance can only be used by people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, if they are supervised whilst using Read More

Do I have to love the subject I’m writing about?

The question came up in a session I was doing with a group of writers last week. The answer, of course, is no. If you are very lucky you will be able to spend a lot of time writing about the things that interest you. Lots of us aren’t always that lucky. That’s why effective Read More

Say it once

Good writing gets to the point – not like this sign that I saw recently. The speech bubble gets the message across. The text below is repetitive. And even worse it uses bizarrely formal language that is more likely to leave the reader scratching their head than anything else. What exactly is ‘a period of Read More