Berlusconi behind Kate topless pictures?

Here’s a conspiracy. Silvio Berlusconi is behind the revelation of Kate Middleton’s upper half  in France and Italy.  He owns both magazines carrying the photos, Closer in France and Chi in Italy through Mondadori.

Owned by Berlusconi and used to take revenge on the Queen?

He owns the mags

His representatives say that the Italian media mogul had nothing to do with it.  But as Mandy Rice-Davies tellingly said: “They would say that, wouldn’t they?”  If you don’t get the Rice-Davies quote, please look it up to see another politician lying.

He was scolded by QEII

Berlusconi’s motive: Queen Elizabeth publically  scolded Berlusconi for being too loud at the G20 summit in 2009.  He has taken some time to get revenge.  But here it is.  See the headline in Chi: it says she’s the queen: another insult to QEII.

Private place = privacy

Any editor in France knows that the argument of the Closer editor holds no water.  The photos were taken from a public place: tough.  She was in a private place.  So why not put them on your website, Ms Editor?  Because that’s free and you want to sell mags.

“It was all in the best possible taste,” she said. Who are you?  Kenny Everett?   Younger readers may need to look up that one as well.

Why not the Harry pictures, she asks.  Because he did not object, that’s why.  It is up to the individual to object.

Summer topless

Mid- and down-market mags in France and Italy are full of celebs topless in the summer holidays.  But they are in public places or they arranged it.  Kate was not.

Yet the punishment will be as nothing to the profits.  A copy of Closer was on e-bay for £31.

Natural beauty

The editor of Chi said he was showing the future Queen of England “in her natural beauty” showing that she was human.  What did he think?  She was a carrot?

This conspiracy theory is as long as the lens used by the pap photographer who, now in hiding, is counting the Euros.

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