Big sharing shout out for 2014?

As we prepare to celebrate the demise of 2013, and more importantly the birth of a whole New Year, I find myself pondering some of the megatrends that will affect us all…

High on this list is of course our exploding online social media networks, and the ubiquitous connectivity they have brought. One famous telco’s brave decision to rebrand as “Everything Everywhere” now perhaps doesn’t seem quite so preposterous…

So I predict that 2014 will see the reversing of the polarity in our relationship with platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, et al.

We once viewed these as entertaining, distracting, and occasionally useful intrusions into our Real Life. We could choose to ignore them entirely (hard, but possible) or “engage” with them in varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Now however, with issues like Identity Security, government-sponsored surveillance, strengthening (?) of privacy laws, the boom in online transactions, mobile apps,  and economic activity, and of course the generalised trackability of everything we do, I believe a sea-change is on the near horizon.

For most of us, our “real life” (measured by the evidence or breadcrumb trails we leave behind…)  is now more digital than not.   So the choice is no longer between screen time and face-time, but more about how much of our “real” persona and private lives can we protect in the face of this digital tsunami?

I hope this makes some kind of sense. In 12 months’ time I see us housekeeping our lives, and our footprints, in a more ordered and deliberate way. Still sharing and engaging, but also being more circumspect about the content that we allow into the public domain. (Only this morning I read how teenagers are abandoning FB in the face of infiltration by parents…)

So with that in mind, I give you my very best wishes for 2014, and I hope that the new year brings you personal and career development and achievement!

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