Bribery allegations against Ferguson in court case

Sir Alex Ferguson took a £30,000 gold Rolex watch as a bribe to fix a football match at Manchester United, a court was told last week.

Before you rush away and tweet this surprising piece of news look at the end of the sentence: “a court was told last week”.

“The court was told”

There’s a court case running in London where claims against Sir Alex have been made.  He took money for transfer deals and only worked with agents of footballers who shared fees with him,  the court was told


See that phrase “the court was told” again.  That allows me to repeat these allegations because this article is a timely, accurate and in context report of a court case.  It has privilege, to use the legal term.

This is a timely reminder to everybody to make sure you put the legal context around allegations.  And, just to sign off properly, “the case continues”.

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