Opening up the copyright debate again

CC Greyweed unchanged You might have thought that the mighty Viacom versus YouTube case had settled all of the main issues about sharing platforms and copyright. YouTube won the 2007 case with the defence that it was an innocent platform that took down any infringing material when it was notified on it. This cleared the legal way for Read More

ABC’s for magazines show storm may be abating

Here’s a bold prediction: the perfect storm which has engulfed the UK magazine sector is abating. The latest ABC figures show some signs of stability: at a much lower level then before the storm but keeping afloat in the storm is success. Women’s weeklies down slightly That bell weather of the sector, the women’s weekly Read More

Tesco magazine better read than The Sun

Tesco magazine has overcome The Sun as the most read print publication in the UK, according to The Financial Times. This proves three things: Magazines work as a means of communication, despite some dire tales from publishers; Free content is becoming the norm: Tesco magazine is free; and Branded content in the form of contract Read More

Contract mag works for Heineken

Heineken and its contract publisher Wardour have shown that magazines can work.  After only three issues of the contract magazine First Orders  published by Wardour for Heineken aimed at the drinks trade a staggering 41% of readers said the magazine had positively changed their view of the brewer. A third place order A third of Read More

South Korean venture raises questions over BBC Magazines

BBC Magazines’ latest business venture will add to the calls for the BBC to sell off the business. It has licensed its Lonely Planet magazine to a South Korean publisher.  This is the 8th international edition of the magazine. Its critics will ask: Why should the BBC be licensing such a magazine internationally? Why should Read More

Contract magazines power on

Contract magazine publishing goes from strength to strength, despite the gloom around consumer and B2B magazine publishing. 11 of the top 20 magazines by circulation are contract magazines, according to the ABC; 65% of the contract magazines in the top 100 have increased circulation or are new contract magaziness; and All the top five magazines Read More