You transmit over 4,000 messages every day.

Every day, you send out 4,000 messages, without once opening your mouth or tapping your keyboard. ‘Micro-messages’ are how humans actually communicate face-to-face, most of the time. Small actions or gestures, eye movements or glances, shifts in posture or body language; they all give a lot away – and much more than we think. We rely on them Read More

Fun and frolicks from The Times

Make your communications humorous, visual and to the point, many gurus of communications would rightly say.  And here is an excellent example: The Times advertising video on politics.  Using animals in their many forms for politicians is witty and yet informative.  The whole video has a narrative line to it which links directly to the Read More

Microsoft and Minecraft get their corporate communication wrong in acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are daily and weekly. The largest this week is a poor example of corporate communications. Minecraft the target Microsoft has taken over a small Copenhagen-based games company Mojang for $2.5 billion. Mojang developed Minecraft which has become very popular since its launch in 2009. Players can build cities with Minecarft using Lego-like Read More

3 for and 3 against centralised content generation

Centralised content generation – or creating a hub for many publications to generate content – is on top of the agenda for many content generators. It’s been in operation for many years in some publishers for other functions and it’s time to take hard look at why it works and does not work. Functional or Read More

Publishing jobs on the up

The publishing sector in the UK economy is creating jobs, according to the government’s latest statistics.  Employment in the publishing sector was up 7.5% to 223,000 jobs in 2012 compared with 2011. Publishing is the 4th largest employment sector in the creative industries which is divided into 9 sectors.  The figures are revealed in Creative Read More

Chinese reform point 39 looks good for western copyright and poor for western content creation

Buried in the 60 points which the Chinese Government issued on Friday after a mammoth session on reform was point 39.  It will bring joy and woe to publishers of content in other countries. The joy is in the last phrase of the last sentence, here in bold: 39. Further transform State-owned, for-profit cultural institutions Read More

So, how many hours in your working day?

Every day, in business, someone will say to me “I just don’t/didn’t have the time”. Of course, what I actually hear is “It just wasn’t important enough for me to complete”. We all have to work with the same amount of time. Our heroes in business, whoever they may be, have the same 24 hours Read More

I can see the light, but the tunnel keeps getting longer…

I read only last week that a venerable Scandinavian research institute had deduced (after a mega bout of data crunching and munching that I can only imagine) that: “90% of ALL the data ever produced by humanity has been created in the last two years.” Wow, I thought. That’s what I call exponential… We all Read More

Precious little for the precious creative industries in budget

There is only one mention of the creative industries in the Red Book accompanying this week’s Budget. Only one, for an industry which generates £70,000 a minute for the UK economy. Only one, for an industry which employs 1.5 million people. Only one, for an industry which accounts for 10% of UK exports. Only one. Read More