Take control of your development with “My CPD”​

Give something a three-latter acronym and it sounds important and powerful: HMG, USD, CID, and JCB. Then there’s CPD: not the carbon disclosure project but Continuing Professional Development. In reality, training while in employment. Many professional bodies have CPD requirements for their members: they have to keep their noses to the grind stone by keeping their knowledge and Read More

Expert help with your writing, when you really need it

We all know what it’s like being trained. Especially if it’s a good course, with an inspiring tutor. You eagerly soak up the top tips and new ideas, and resolve to apply new lessons back at your desk. Then time passes, and while you are making every effort to control bad habits, and learn new, Read More

Managing up and down: Part 2

Here’s another thought about managing and reporting up and down to go with my top 10 tips of last week: When reporting up or down tell people what you’ve got, not what you’ve done. So many people report up by telling people what they’ve done rather than what they have achieved.  We don’t want the Read More

Why e-learning works

Companies expect to do more e-learning and mobile learning this year, according to a recent survey from the Centre for People Development . Nearly 90% of those questioned said they intended to offer more e-learning and mobile learning. It might not have been a highly scientific survey, but the results make sense to us. When Read More

NEW online Certificates for journalists

We’re really excited about our new partnership with the Professional Publishers Association (PPA)  to offer two new journalism certificates. Here’s what’s happening: We at ContentETC  have partnered with the PPA to develop and launch two new journalism certificates, available online and designed for writers and journalists who want to earn recognised journalism credentials. These new Read More

E-learning best for knowledge and skills

E-learning is a strong tool to impart knowledge, fact-based training.  This was my central message at the EventUK conference and exhibition today in which I was a panel member. It is also works to train in skills as you can see from our portfolio of skills e-learning courses.  Our number one selling course is Writing Read More