Top Tip: get the bad news out soonest and make it personal

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis made the right choice today: admit publically bad things have gone on and talk about them. The lesson is: do not hide from the bad news in corporate communications and respond quickly and personally from the top. That’s your pension going down The profits may have been overstated by £250 million. Read More

Good news for shareholders is bad news for the business at Reed Elsevier

Good and bad news from Reed Elsevier.  The good news is that it intends to buy back from shareholders £50 million worth of shares in the next 3 months.  This will take its 12-month buy back of shares to £600 million. Stock markets happy The stock markets and analysts are, therefore, happy, generally.  Many analysts Read More

Future results show magazines not out of the woods

It may have been too much to hope for three quite good results in a row from the magazine industry.  Future Publishing has followed Centaur and Reed with its interim results. Both Centaur and Reed were quite upbeat, giving some hope that the long recession may be nearing its end. Future’s results are less positive.  Read More