Publisher loses the plot: Elsevier closes CW and sells website

Computer Weekly, after 45 years of UK publication, is to close its paper edition and the web site is to be sold by Elsevier to TechTarget, a US publisher. This is a case study in how to lose the plot.  CW was a pioneer of IT journalism.  Steady and also, in certain times, speedy. Speedy Read More

Wikileaks: a fine new institution worth defending

Wikileaks, the website devoted to leaking what the authorities don’t want us to know, faces two problems. It has internal problems to solve and it is being criticised for its revelations.  These revelations possibly put people in Afghanistan and Iraq in danger.  It has moved its operations to Sweden with its more liberal press laws Read More

Good and bad in UK press

The good and bad of the UK media were on show this weekend.  The good is the News of the World investigation into bet rigging in cricket.  A first class piece of investigative journalism: On an issue of public interest; Causing other media to follow it; and Digging out a story which will run and Read More

Demand Media no threat to exclusive, original & quality journalism

Demand Media, a content farm as it is called, is about to go public and make its founders a pile of money.  They have built a content farm which pulls together content from other sites and serves it up as How To lists and even full articles. USA Today is already using it to generate Read More

Investigative journalism works at H&H

Investigative reporting works. Investigative reporting works as a key tool to unearth exclusive news and features for readers. It works as a boost to morale of the writing team. It works as a sales tool. Horse & Hound, the weekly bible of the equestrian world, has launched an investigative journalism campaign. The first fruits of Read More